Mish’s Garden: Painted Lady Butterflies in Autumn, Polyphemus Moth in Summer

One enjoyment of having a garden is the wonderful creatures that come around.

I have migrating Monarch and Painted Lady butterflies every Autumn, Red Admiral butterflies in the Spring, and occasionally I see giant moths like this Polyphemus.

Feature Image Story 

Late one evening, this moth was attracted by the lights in my upstairs bedroom. I opened the screen and let it in as it was battering itself against the window. I managed to catch it fluttering by the light.

The scales on butterflies and moths rub off very easily so I was surprised its wings were still in perfect shape.

I then put it in a jar in the refrigerator. I knew this would calm the moth down as when they get cold they cannot fly. The next morning I took it out to the garden and placed it on some Japanese Painted Ferns.

The moth warmed up in a few minutes, then up, up, and away, off it flew.

Monarch Butterfly on Sedum Late Summer

Painted Lady Butterfly on Sedum Late Summer

Painted Lady Butterfly on Asters in the Autumn

I used a Canon 100MM Macro F 2.8 Lens for all of these images.

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Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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  1. Absolutely Beautiful ! Thank You again for sharing the information knowledge you share is invaluable. Love love love the colors Mish 😊

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