Hurricane Valley Car Light Trails at Sunset

Hurricane, Utah was first settled in 1896, and received its name after a whirlwind blew the top off a buggy in which Erastus Snow was riding. Snow exclaimed, “Well, that was a Hurricane. We’ll name this ‘Hurricane Hill’.”

Hurricane, which is pronounced “Her-ah-kun” by local residents (mimicking the accent of early Liverpudlian settlers), is in eastern Washington County.

Situated on Utah State Route 9, Hurricane lies between Interstate 15 and Zion National Park, and as a result has numerous motels, restaurants and other commercial establishments that serve a portion of the millions of tourists that visit Zion National Park each year.

The above info is from Wikipedia.

Quail Creek State Park and Sand Hollow State Park are minutes away from the spot in which I took this image.


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