Mish’s Garden: Green Tree Frog on Bromeliad

Every year I make “perching baskets”. They are essentially hanging baskets except they are heavy and sit on 4×4 posts instead of hanging.

I make my own baskets rather than buying them. These baskets are in the shade. Anthuriums, bromeliads, or even geraniums make a good centerpiece. The latter do well in the sun too.

When I was weeding my garden a week or so ago a small green tree frog hopped on my shirt. I picked it up and placed it on one of my bromeliads and it sat there for a number of images.

Feature Image Details

Canon 100MM Macro F 2.8 Lens for 1/60 of a second F8 at ISO 1000.

I took 8 images, first focusing on the eyes as they are the most critical element, then the right and left feet,  the nose and various other spots including the back of the frog.

This is very necessary. I was right on top of that frog, inches away and depth of field is razor thin.

Because of the leg extension, it looks much bigger than it is. There is very little cropping here, just a bit to center the frog perfectly. The frog, not counting the extension of the legs, is somewhere between the size of a quarter and a  half-dollar.

I was very lucky this little guy or gal did not move much for a sequence of images. I blended the images keeping the sharp portions of each one.

Perching Baskets


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