Zion National Park – Autumn – Lower Emerald Pools Part 1

Hiking and exploring opportunities in Zion National Park Utah are nearly endless. My favorite time of year is Autumn. I recommend staying in the park lodge, but don’t try to book at the last moment.

Before your trip, the first thing you should do is pick up Joe’s Guide to Zion National Park. It’s free. Joe describes all the major trails and offers recommended hikes.

The Emerald Pools trail is an easy hike, but it is uphill to the falls (assuming there is any water flowing). What’s easy for Zion might be described as moderate somewhere else.

During our stay we hiked the Emerald Pools trail several times. On our last hike there was much more water flowing but many leaves had fallen off. These images were before the rainstorm.

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Additional Lower Emerald Pool Image

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Mike “Mish” Shedlock

4 thoughts on “Zion National Park – Autumn – Lower Emerald Pools Part 1

  1. Nice shots, I was there in January 2017, talk about having the park all to yourself. Did the entire Emerald Pools hike, which of course is very easy and beautiful. Think you’ll ever do Angel’s Landing? Ha, not for me!

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