Kolob Canyons, Zion National Park, Winter Sunset

Zion National Park - Kolob Canyons (431A2) HDNR
This is a panoramic image that I took on January 21, 2023. It’s cropped into a 35mm 3×2 frame.

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This is another panorama image that I took right from the parking lot. I tried to get to this spot on January 20, but the road was closed. I did not know if the snow would last for a day but it did. 

I watch cloud formations and when they are promising I try to be somewhere that makes sense. It really helps to know your local area well. 

Due to panoramic stitching, the resultant file is enormous, about 800 megabytes, enough to blow up to billboard size. 

There were about 7 other cars there but no serious photographers other than a a wedding photographer looking for a place to take wedding images. She do not have her equipment with her and does not do landscape photography anyway. That’s OK, I don’t do wedding photography.

This was not the right place for wedding photography. It’s just too cold. I gave the photographer some ideas where to go at lower elevations. She was relatively new to the area.

There was one other person besides me with a tripod but he left before the best light. 

Making the Best of an Aborted Attempt

I struck out at Kolob the day before due to road closure and rushed to the Red Cliffs Reserve instead. It was another dramatic sunset. 

Red Cliffs NCA - Pine Valley Mountains (252A2) HDNR

The ground level snow was totally gone at Red Cliffs but it was excellent on the mountain. Please see  Red Cliffs National Conservation Area Winter Sunset for discussion. 

Both shots were taken within 100 feet of my car. All you had to do was brave the cold and be there. 


Those interested in my equipment and recommendations can find it here: Mish’s Equipment List.

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