San Antonio, Texas, Winter Lights Display

San Antonio - Riverwalk (39S1) HDNR
We were in Texas in mid-December. I especially like the lights in the Riverwalk section of San Antonio.

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The key to this shot is taking it right at the point where ambient light in the sky matches the light on the water and the boardwalk. 

There is roughly a 10-minute window where light is perfect. Otherwise, either the sky is black or the foreground is black. The approximate time is somewhere between 10 and 30 minutes after sunset. 

Second, it was dead calm. Had it not been calm, the lights in the trees and water would have shown sideways motion blur trails.

After taking the Riverwalk image, I rushed to the Alamo (about a 5-7 minute walk), where my wife, daughter, and son-in-law were waiting. 

Alamo Images

San Antonio - Alamo (9B) HDNR

The ambient light on the outside of the Alamo was still very good, but invariably at any lights show, especially the 4th of July, operators wait far too long.

I got this image inside the fort.

San Antonio - Alamo (34A) HDNR

The sky and especially the trees on the upper left were really dark but I was able to work with it.

The hardest aspect was a parade of people. I stood in this spot for at least 10 minutes, with the light getting progressively worse hoping for a clean shot.


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