Cascade Springs, Utah Scenic Byway, Post #4 Moose

Cascade Springs - Moose (618S3) HDNR

Cascade Springs is a large artesian spring north of the Mt. Timpanogos Wilderness Area and along the Alpine Loop Scenic Backway. Seven million gallons of water a day flow down a series of limestone terraces and pools among lush vegetation. The short half-mile nature trail wraps around the natural springs and streams with bridges, boardwalks, and paved pathways. Crystal clear waters make it easy to spot trout that inhabit the pools. Interpretive signs along the pathways explain the geology of this small natural wonder. This is an enjoyable destination for families and hikers of all ages. Ample parking is available and public vault restrooms are onsite.

The above text is from Heber Valley Attractions

This was my favorite Autumn spot this year. The lead image that follow are all from the last week of September or first week of October 2022.

These images were taken mid-afternoon, not when one would normally expect to see moose. But there they were, a pair of them, one bull and one cow. 

The bull moose was kicking up water like mad. I asked someone about this behavior and was told the bull was attempting to get the cow’s attention. She didn’t seem too care too much. 

Feature Image Details


I used a higher ISO and a more open F-stop to stop the motion. It was a bright overcast day which is perfect light. 

My longest lens is a Canon 100-400mm lens and it was where it normally is, that being the trunk of my car. It’s barely suitable for wildlife images and it’s heavy so I only carry it when I think I will use it. 

On this trip I also spent a long time at Silver Lake. Many photographers were there with enormous 600mm, fast lenses hoping to get moose shots. The moose were so far off in the distance I could barely see them even at 400mm.

But here they were right in front of me. I took some images with a 24-105mm lens and then went back to the car for my 100-400 mm lens. It was more than adequate.

The moose were so close I shot most of these images at 200 mm. A handful of other people were around taking pictures with their cell phones or smaller cameras.

Additional Images 

Cascade Springs - Moose (625A) HDNR

Cascade Springs - Moose (224S4) HDNR

Cascade Springs - Moose (232)

Cascade Springs - Moose (304A) HD

Cascade Springs - Moose (88S1) HDNR

The image immediately above was taken with my 24-105 mm lens at 105 mm. When I was confident that I had a good shot, I went back to my car for my longer lens but assumed the moose would be gone when I got back. 

It was a good decision. The moose moved even close to the boardwalk and 200 mm was easily adequate. 

Someone asked how close we were to the moose.

I estimate 30-50 feet for the closest images. That is probably in danger territory but the moose approached us on the boardwalk.

They stayed close for well over an hour. The bull followed the cow wherever she went.


Those interested in my equipment and recommendations can find it here: Mish’s Equipment List.

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  1. Remember the moose we saw in the Mt. McKinley National Park in Alaska? They were HUGE.
    I’m so surprised there are moose in Utah!!!

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