Prague, Czech Republic: Old Town Square Part Two, Old Town Hall Tower and Týn Church

The feature image is a view of the Old Town Square and the Church of Our Lady Before Týn as seen from the top floor of the Old Town Hall Tower.

Feature Image Details

ISO 125 for 5 seconds at F20. I used a  Canon 24-105MM F4 L Lens at a focal length of 24 MM. I should have used F8 or so, there was no foreground detail that would warrant such a small aperture.

Old Town Hall Tower and Týn Church From Hotel U Prince Roof Restaurant 

That view is from an open-air restaurant on the top of the Hotel U Prince. Reservations are necessary.

The hotel also has an inside piano bar. I grabbed this shot by putting the camera on the table, propped up by a book or other object.

Hotel U Prince Piano Bar

The above image was 13 seconds at F8. ISO 125 at a focal length of 24mm.

I should have used a higher ISO such as 1000. ISO 1000 would have been three full stops faster (125 to 250, 250 to 500, 500 to 1000). Each stop doubles or halves the exposure time. Thus, 13 seconds would have been halved three times (6.75 seconds at ISO 250, 3.375 seconds at ISO 500, 1.688 seconds at ISO 1000).

After a few frames, the server told me pictures are not allowed.

Hotel U Zlatého Stromu

That’s a 2-second exposure. I believe you can tell we are having a lot of fun.

View from Charles Bridge Tower

Here’s a view from the Charles Bridge Tower looking the opposite direction at the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge.  It’s a repeat from post number one below.

This concludes Prague. It’s now back to the US for Autumn images.

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Coming up next: Autumn images in the US. First Stop: Michigan.

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