Prague, Czech Republic: Subway Tunnel Near Charles Bridge

This shot is an image of a tunnel at a crossing right near the Charles Bridge in my previous image. There were a lot of people in the tunnel and getting an image was frustrating as people kept walking in front of my camera.

Out of the blue, a Czech citizen walked up and asked: “Do you want me to hold the people back so you can get your shot?” I was astonished but pleased with this random event.

People were willing to wait for me and they watched what I was doing for about 30 seconds. This would never happen in Chicago.

The moment I clicked the shutter, a train came through. The train tail lights made the red lights in the foreground. Simultaneously, a bus came through the tunnel from the opposite direction, towards me. The bus made the pale green lights on the far side of the tunnel. The white lights are car headlights.

To the person who blocked the traffic: I salute you. Thanks. I hope this image finds your way. It is one of my all-time favorites.

Feature Image Details

ISO 160 for 25 seconds at F20. I used a  Canon 24-105MM F4 L Lens at a focal length of 32 MM.

This is another “blue hour” image (see the previous discussion), but right at the tail end of it.

If you are wondering “where is the train and where is the bus?” this is the known effect of lengthy exposures of moving objects. On long exposures, only the lights are bright enough to record.

On a 30-second exposure, one can put their hand in front of the camera for several seconds and the hand will not show up in the picture. But a constant barrage of people walking right in front of the kens will indeed ruin the image.

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Mike “Mish” Shedlock

2 thoughts on “Prague, Czech Republic: Subway Tunnel Near Charles Bridge

  1. Mish….great photo. Reminiscent of photo taken by friend of my wife that was a professional photographer (worked under Kodak and Fujifilm contracts at the same time). He took nighttime photo with an inexpensive camera in a moving cab in Paris. The attached photo earned him over $400K in royalties over the years. He passed away last year after losing fight to pancreatic cancer. Maybe you can get some royalties for your Prague photo. Nice shot.

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