Iceland in 16 Days: Day 16, Reykjavik Harpa Concert Hall Sunrise

On our way from the Reykavik Sun Voyager Statue at 3:30 AM for the hotel and a 10:30 AM flight, I had to pull over a second time to take images of the Harpa Concert Hall.

Feature Image Details: Canon 24MM Tilt-Shift Lens, F/16, 1/40th of a second.

The sky was on fire. Here is a second image of the concert hall, from closer in.

24MM was just not wide enough to bring in the entire image. I was standing on a concrete pillar away from the building as high as I could get to minimize the need to shift.

Even though the building was obscurely designed with weird angles (on purpose), pointing a wider lens up to bring in the top would have distorted the rest of the image in an observable manner. In retrospect, I might have tried taking a second image of just the top of the building and blending the images in more of a 4×3 format instead of 3×2.

A still better idea would have been to use a 17MM Tilt-Shift Lens instead of a 24MM tilt-shift lens. I now have both, I didn’t then. If your decision is between the two, get the 17MM lens. It’s far easier to crop an image than it is to add what isn’t there.

The feature image was taken at 4:30 AM. Our flight was 10:30 AM. We only got a couple hours sleep, but these images were well worth the cost of no sleep.

I hope I have convinced you to take a trip to Iceland. We are going back.

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Mike “Mish” Shedlock

4 thoughts on “Iceland in 16 Days: Day 16, Reykjavik Harpa Concert Hall Sunrise

  1. Mish, I have enjoyed your Iceland photo blog. I may never get there, but you’ve sure made it look like camera heaven.

  2. Mish:

    Have seen you with Chris on PP and never really got you. This interview with Greg was well done and I feel I know you better.

    I loved your photos and especially the ones from Iceland.

    We have been trying to increase awareness on Molluscan Cockatoos (Appendix 1) so good luck with the Cranes.

    I’d love to talk with you sometime. This is not the forum, but I do agree with your world view. Email is for you only–message and I’ll respond from another address.

    I have a Canon set up — EOS T6i so I’ll follow your photo blog.



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