Iceland in 16 Days: Day 8, North Iceland, Husavik Moonset

After watching whales put on a magnificent display, we returned to harbor. I did not have a tripod handy, so I balanced my camera on a railing by the pier.

Feature Shot Details: Canon 24-105MM F4 L Lens at 105MM. ISO 200, F/13, 1/30th of a second.

This is an image of a moonset over the harbor, right at sunset, shortly after midnight. 1/30th of a second is really pushing things for hand-held photography at 105MM, but I am very steady. I also balanced on a railing and turned image stabilization on.

Without stabilization, the rule of thumb is 1/focal length. In other words, I needed to shoot at 1/100th of a second not 1/30th for a sharp image.

I believe the rule of thumb is too generous. 1/200th would be my standard. Stabilization would bring that down to 1/100th or perhaps 1/50th of a second. The rail helped. This is a sharp image.

99% of the time, if not more, I have stabilization off.  I always have stabilization off when I am on a tripod. Stabilization can ruin long exposures because the camera is hunting for induced movement that isn’t present.

After returning from whale watching, all the restaurants were closed. Normally they wait for the returning boats, but all the operators stayed out long because the wales were extremely active, breaching (jumping) all over the place.

One restaurant was still serving spaghetti. It was the only item they had left. It was the worst spaghetti I ever had, covered in some sort of yellow clam sauce. I deemed it inedible after tasting a bite. My wife Liz did not even try. We went to a gas station for some snacks and a slice of pizza.

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Mike “Mish” Shedlock

4 thoughts on “Iceland in 16 Days: Day 8, North Iceland, Husavik Moonset

  1. Hi Mish, thanks for your pictures and the always interesting narrative.
    Perhaps you would consider enabling the pictures to be viewed full screen if clicked?
    Would love to see some of these full screen!
    Looking forward to the next post, Jaap

      1. Thanks for the link Mish! The Photos also seem a lot sharper on on the NG site!
        Perhaps the template in WordPress or a custom uploader is changing the Photos?
        There are templates which do very well for photography blogs but unfortunately there is just too much choice. Thanks again! I use the Avada template which does allow this, but it is a big template. (I did not use any full screen options yet).
        Perhaps your template (Revelar) would show pictures better as featured image or slightly larger size. I find it best (for me) optimising size in lightroom when exporting the jsgs and then uploading those as “original size” to WP.

        1. I reduced the image sizes on WordPress to make them load faster.
          Perhaps that was a mistake. Also wordpress changes sizes so I suspect the combination does me in

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