Buck Farm Overlook – Arizona Strip – Sunrise

The Colorado River flows through Marble Canyon at sunrise in a view from Buck Farm Viewpoint. Marble Canyon connects to the Grand Canyon. This viewpoint is on the Arizona Strip, a narrow section of Arizona north of the Grand Canyon.

Arizona Highways has directions to the Buck Farm Overlook.

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This image is from April 15. We camped overnight in a beautiful spot. Daytime temperatures were in the high 60’s.

The desert cooled off rapidly at night. The temperature dropped well below freezing.

I was very cold in my tent despite being prepared for low temperature. Sunrise and warming temperatures were more than a bit welcome.

First light skimmed the rocks I was standing on and the distant peaks on the right where a bit of snow is still visible on the mountains.


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Mike “Mish” Shedlock

6 thoughts on “Buck Farm Overlook – Arizona Strip – Sunrise

  1. The Grand Canyon…magnificent, especially when you get the sun & clouds in the right spots. Isn’t this where the Colorado River rafting trips put in, just south of Page, AZ?
    In your photo, can you advise if the prominent rock in the foreground has orange colored lichen on it?

    1. There is lichen on some of these rocks, but not there. That is a harder brown sandstone.
      The put-in for Grand Canyon raft trips is further East, towards Page.
      There is an amazing granary about 2000 feet below that is one of the stops on a long multi-day trip through the canyon. You cannot see it from the rim or get to it from the rim above.

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