Rocky Mountains High Part 3, White Lined Sphinx Moth on Columbine

My first post in this series was on Governor Basin. The images in this post and the preceding post were taken at American Basin.

American Basin, San Yuan Mountains, White Lined Sphinx Moth

Feature Image Details

I used a high ISO to stop the motion. But even at 1/1500 of a second the wings show motion. I needed a F13 to achieve adequate depth of field to keep the moth in focus.

There were a dozen of these moths flying about and they seemed to have a strong preference for columbines. You cannot move around to photograph them, they are only a few seconds on each flower.

Instead, I picked a spot and hoped they would come to me. Several did, but this was the only successful image.

Additional American Basin Images

As you can see, the sphinx months had a lot of flowers to choose from. I was lucky one chose the patch I was next to.

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Mike “Mish” Shedlock

2 thoughts on “Rocky Mountains High Part 3, White Lined Sphinx Moth on Columbine

  1. Wow! Audubon material! We used to have moths like that in Virginia, we called them “hummingbird moths.”

  2. Hummingbird Clearwings are another type of feeding moths. Perhaps you remember them, beautiful but smaller and wings are mostly clear.

    Most moths do not feed. A few do.

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