Glen Canyon Alstrom Point – Lake Powell Overlook – Sunset

This is a view from Alstrom Point overlooking Lake Powell and Glen Canyon. It is from May of 2020. Water levels keep receding, marinas have closed and boat activity is down.

Alstom Point is in Kane County Utah.

The road to this overlook is definitely in 4-wheel drive territory. Even then, cross roads are tricky so it’s best to have active guidance.

I expected to go back to this location to take more pictures but haven’t.

I am not sure how much longer much boating will take place on the lake. A quick check shows how bad things are.

Multiple Lake Powell Launch Ramps Closed Due to Low Water
Date Posted: 8/16/2021
Closed to all access: Wahweap Stateline. Closed to motorized vessel: Hite, Halls Crossing, Bullfrog North, Antelope Point Public, Wahweap Main. Open: Wahweap Aux (<36′), Bullfrog Main, Antelope Point Business.

That’s 7 of 10 marinas closed to motor vehicles with 2 of those 7 closed to all traffic. Those that are open have size restrictions.

What’s Happening?

It’s a Water Shortage Crisis affecting both Lake Powell and Lake Mead

The Lake Powell reservoir is projected to hit a critical new low of (1,075 meters) by April 2022, just 25 feet (7.6 meters) above the level at which hydropower can no longer be generated.

The water level of Lake Powell is down 100 feet since 2000. In another 25 feet, the turbines shut down.

Feature Image Details

This is a panorama stitch of six vertical images then cropped into a 16×10 final composite.

I had hoped to go houseboating on Lake Powell one day but I now believe those plans were not meant to be.


  • Alstrom Point is much better at sunset than sunrise. Sunset provides much better reflections.
  • At sunrise, you are shooting straight into a backlit scene.
  • The best plan given the 4-wheel drive requirement and rocky conditions is to arrive before sunset and camp overnight for sunrise.
  • This is an excellent dark sky location for milky way photography if the sky is clear.


Those interested in my equipment and recommendations can find it here: Mish’s Equipment List.

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Mike “Mish” Shedlock

4 thoughts on “Glen Canyon Alstrom Point – Lake Powell Overlook – Sunset

  1. Terrific photo!

    Was last out at Lake Powell in 2008 and it was receding back then with a 30-feet high ‘bathtub ring’ on the canyon walls. Castle Cut out of Wahweap Marina was closed due to chance of your boat bottoming out on the shallow passage cut. Both Lake Powell and Lake Mead are currently receding in depth at increasing levels due to the narrowing of the canyon as water levels drop. The desert southwest is in big trouble if snowfall and rainfall does not increase to replenish the huge reservoirs.

    I hope the clouds in the photo dumped rain on the area.

  2. Beautiful photo! We were just there and noticed how low the water is. I read (and heard) there will be a reduction in water released next year because of low water levels in the reservoirs. So sad.

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