Lisa Falls, Sandy, Utah

On a trip to Salt Lake City, my wife and I visited some waterfalls in the area. Lisa Falls is near Sandy, Utah.

It’s a short 0.3 mile hike to the falls in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

I used a Canon 16-35MM F4 L Lens at 20mm, F16, for 0.5 seconds at ISO 100.

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  1. Be willing to get wet
  2. Take vertical and horizontal images if possible.
  3. Use a polarizer to reduce glare.
  4. Waterfalls photograph best on cloudy days.
  5. Wait for clouds to block the sun if they are floating around. But if so, take multiple exposures for the shadow and highlights and blend them.
  6. Work with the scene. Frequently there are many possible angles.

Equipment List

Those interested in my equipment and recommendations can find it here: Mish’s Equipment List.

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