St. Peter’s Dome – Morgan Falls – Chequamegon National Forest – Wisconsin

I took these images last Autumn on a “Farewell to the Midwest Trip”

We will soon be moving to Utah and have already rented a house there.

Feature Image Details

I used a Canon 16-35MM F4 L Lens at 31mm F16, ISO 500. The sun had already set and I was running out of light. I shot  from the other side of the river first and got a little wet when when I slipped on a rock crossing the river.

This is what the image looks like to the naked eye, shot at a higher ISO. Clearly the above image is far superior.

Near Side Image

The trail ends at this spot. I could see much better circulation on the opposite side so I rushed across.

The above shot was for 30 seconds at ISO 100. By the time I crossed and got setup, ISO 500 produced a 30 second exposure. In a few more minutes it was simply too dark, but you cannot tell that from these images.

I went back the next day, but there were no swirling leaves. However, I arrived at the site much earlier and had time to hike to the top of the dome for an Autumn panorama.

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