Bryce Canyon National Park, Sunset, Bryce Point Overlook

Due to the direction of the canyon walls, Bryce Canyon generally presents more opportunities at sunrise than sunset.

The Bryce Point Overlook provides a genuine Sunset opportunity. These images were taken at sunset on the same day.

Feature Image Details

I used a Canon 16-35MM F4 L Lens at 16mm ISO 400. This is a cropped shot. I got to this spot late. So late in fact that had I not been late I would not have been in this spot.

The sun was about to set and those clouds were moving at a blazing speed.

There were two other photographers at this location and it holds precisely three people. They conveniently left the best spot for me, right in front of the tree. I grabbed about a half dozen frame with the intention of making a panorama but the clouds were moving so fast the merge program could not handle it. I went for this crop instead.

That image was taken after sunset.

Everyone else gave up. When there are nice clouds, resist the temptation. I had this spot, to myself. It was just a short walk from the first location.

This is a panorama blend of 6 images, cropped into a pleasing frame.

Other Bryce Canyon Images

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Still more Bryce Canyon pictures coming up. Then on to a new location.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

4 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon National Park, Sunset, Bryce Point Overlook

  1. Beautiful! Well, my Utah parks trip is postponed for a year. Bryce Canyon is closed until June. I will be moving my reservations for the lodge to next May. I guess you just have to go with the flow when life throws you a curve ball. I still love your photos!! 😊

    1. I had trips planned in May – At least parts of them cancelled and perhaps all of it. May is a good time and so is April. For the hike to Delicate Arch – early April is better – but then no chance to go to the North Rim of the grand Canyon.

        1. Absolutely
          Grand Canyon may be next – not sure yet – But i do have a very unique Bryce image coming up – of trees – no one has this shot I believe. But a couple other Bryce images first

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