Badlands National Park Pinnacles Overlook: Sunset, Panorama, and Milky Way Images

These images are from a trip to Badlands National Park in September of 2017.

We went to the Pinnacles Overlook area on three evenings. My last post described a lucky double rainbow. Here are some additional images from the same location.

Feature Image Details

People pull up to the Pinnacles Overlook parking lot, walk down the steps take a few shots and walk away. One of the best area to photograph is just up main park road. There is no parking, you have to walk up the road. That’s where this set of images is from.

Pinnacles Panorama

That is a panorama stitch of seven images, stitched to make a single horizontal image.  The focal length was 32 mm.

I overlapped the images greatly. At least half of every frame was in the next frame. This makes it easy for the stitching programs to align the images properly. It also ensures the center of each image is what goes into the final composite. The center of the lens always provides the best resolution. You get super-sharp images this way, also very large file sizes.

Milky Way

That is a composite image taken in the waning moments of sunset with the milky way about three hours later.

Pinnacles Sunset

The above image and the panorama image were taken on the same evening.  This image was taken with a Canon 11-24 F4.0 L lens at 15 mm. I am right on top of that formation in a very steep and precarious spot, somewhere up in that ridged area visible in the feature image and Milky Way image. Some of the places I wanted to get too were simply too steep.


Those interested in my equipment and recommendations can find it here: Mish’s Equipment List.

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Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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  1. Beautiful. Especially like the Milkyway shot. Never tried it but my camera not up to it(11 yr old Digital Rebel XTi), I guess. Camera upgrade soon might change things;)

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