International Crane Foundation: Whooping Cranes Part 2

The International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, Wisconsin is dedicated to the preservation of cranes. It has all the species of cranes, globally, on its property.

It’s a great place to watch and photograph the birds. It’s also a fantastic place to take the kids for a weekend trip.

The Whooping Crane exhibit is the largest and most popular exhibit. In May, you can watch mating and nesting rituals in a huge penned-in natural marsh area.

Males and females each take turns sitting on the nest. Approximately every two hours they switch places while the other hunts for things to eat.

Cranes typically lay two eggs, but one of the eggs in the picture is a fake. The foundation takes one and places a substitute in its place. The substitute is weighted properly and the birds cannot tell the difference.

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The birds frequently turn the eggs with their beaks or legs. That’s the behavior you see in these images.


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