Iceland in 16 Days: Day 10, Westfjords, Kelp on Rocky Shore Near Ísafjörður

The drive in the fjords to Ísafjörður was very scenic. We stopped many times along the way to photograph kelp glowing in the sun. This image was just before sunset.

Feature Image Details: Canon 16-35MM F4 L Lens at 17MM, F/16 for 1/8 second at ISO 100.

Positioning the sun right along the edge of a mountain or just behind, but peeking out of any object makes of a diffraction star, and the Canon 16-MM F4 lens does an excellent job. Best effect is when stopped down. Typically I use F16. F22 is not as sharp.

To get this image right, I manually blended several exposures using layers and layer masks in Photoshop. I await a version of Aurora-HDR for Windows to do this in a more automated fashion.

The easiest way to take multiple exposures with a Canon EOS 6D or other similar camera is to setup a custom function for taking multiple images. I take three images, at +0, -2, and +2. If I need another image or two I typically bracket in one direction.

Once again it was very late in the evening and we still had quite a bit to go to get to our hotel in Ísafjörður.

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Mike “Mish” Shedlock

4 thoughts on “Iceland in 16 Days: Day 10, Westfjords, Kelp on Rocky Shore Near Ísafjörður

  1. I would be quite curious to know if the HDR function in Lightroom Cc (I am a LR6 for windows user-which does not have the function) would also create the desired results? Have you tried this? Another option would be Nik plugins (one of which is HDR) which are now free from google.

  2. I tried HDR Lightroom a couple of times with mixed results. Some were awful. Some were OK. The ones that were OK, I did better on my own, but it took a lot of work. I really am itching to get my hands on Aurora, and when a version is available for Windows, they will give me an advance copy.

    My very first image on this site was a do-it-yourself HDR

    Lightroom did OK and I was initially happy with it, but produced better on my own. That said, I had pretty badly underexposed the shadow areas, even with bracketing. Moving water also cannot help. Masking out just the shadow areas in Photoshop did a better job.


    1. thanks Mish, excellent DIY. I have never tried my own but will give it a shot in my Photoshop Elements 8. Will have to find some tutorial and give it a go. I have used photomatics but need more practice.
      The second pic on that page is stunning.

  3. Your photos are beautiful, striking. You are an insightful writer as well. One more skill and we will have to call you a renaissance man.

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